TODAY Organization

"sustainability starts today"

Why leave it for tomorrow when you can do it today?
We believe that by performing small, yet conscious acts each day, we can create a better tomorrow! Doesn’t sound too hard, right? We can help you to make alterations to both your daily habits and to your mindset, so that you can adopt a more sustainable lifestyle!
Because sustainability is the future, and the future is dependent on how we live today!
Join our events and workshops, and embrace a more sustainable lifestyle.

Upcoming Events!

We have some cool events coming up this month! 

8th of June: Groningen Goes Zero Waste!? An interview with the Gemeente (16:00)

21st of June: Recycling methods in different countries Webinar (16:00)

28th of June: Interview with Zwolsche Zwammen - A conversation on circular economy, sustainability and entrepreneurship (Time still to be confirmed)

30th of June: Pub-Quiz! 

Check our media platforms for more information!

Monthly Topics

January & Februarylow waste consumption

March & Aprilsustainable traveling

May & June: exploring the local area

July & August - Summer Break (but the team will still be busy getting ready for autumn, stay tuned)

September & Octoberindoor and outdoor gardening

November & Decembersustainable household

Ongoing Projects

Are you new in Groningen? These events might be just the right thing for you to feel like home!

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Once a month we are organizing a local farmers' dinner with fresh ingredients from Groningen and nearby areas. What a better way to meet new people and eat sustainable than this?

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Fashion? Food? Traveling? Cosmetics? Energy? Garbage?
You name it, we deliver it!
We organize monthly workshops on different themes, in different locations. Keep an eye on our Facebook page and don't miss them out!