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Sustainability starts today

TODAY presents

Plant God-Parenting!

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Subscribe for €3 and be part of our plant community and get your very own TODAY plant which you swap out every month !

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TODAY has its very own garden and it needs a lot of work! Sign up to volunteer to garden with us. Get outside and get your hands dirty!

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Learn About Us

Sustainability Starts Today

TODAY Organization is an international student association located in Groningen that provides a diverse range of sustainable-oriented projects and activities to help further the development of environmentally conscious habits. TODAY gives the opportunity to engage with people from different backgrounds, work on interesting projects around Groningen all while having fun!

Why leave it for tomorrow when you can do it today? We believe that by performing small, yet conscious acts each day, we can create a better tomorrow! Our goal is to make others more aware of their daily habits and mindset so that they can maintain a sustainable lifestyle. After all, sustainability is the future, and the future is dependent on how we live TODAY


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Think, Organize and work sustainably!

Interested in TODAY?


Local Farmer's Dinner

Take part in Groningen's first and only local farmers dinner! Join our fantastic event and enjoy our all-vegan course menu prepared just for you. Invite your friends and support your local farmers who provide us with their local produce and learn more about living (and eating!) sustainably. Check out our events page if we have one on!

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