A Bit About Us

Started by two Psychology students, TODAY Organization aims to inspire people to encourage each other to live a more sustainable life. In the beginning, our focus was to promote helping and prosocial behavior, but later we realized that helping nature and the planet played an equally important role in building a better future.
Now we offer you workshops and events aimimg to teach about sustainable lifestyle. We want to share with you the passion we have for helping the environment, the skills we have for living more eco-friendly and the knowledge we have about recycling, using, producing, and living green.
We aim to maximize the engagement in environmental-friendly living and eventually make the world a better place.

Our Committees


Events committee

We are Lea, Klara, Elena and Bibi, and we make up the Events Committee within Today Organisation! Our role in the organisation is to cultivate event ideas for the upcoming month, to coordinate these events, and to ensure that the events run smoothly. Feel free to let us know if you have an idea for an event that you would like us to organise!


Content creation committee

We are the team responsible for nourishing TODAY Organization's digital platforms with exciting and insightful posts and stories for you. From lifestyle hacks, to news from our events, to the coolest developments in local and global sustainability, be sure to tune in to our social media channels TODAY (pun intended) to find out more! 
For collaboration requests and other questions you can reach us via


Social committee

Meet the social committee of TODAY Organisation. We are a team of four, consisting of Alex, Irem, Paul and Jule. Over the next months we will find ways to connect everyone within the organization with each other. It is our aim to create an active community of sustainable members. Think about movie nights, a trip to the beach, drinks and other fun activities.
If you have wishes or cool ideas, feel free to send us a message or post into our general member group on Facebook, we are always open for fresh input! 


Local Farmers' Dinner/

Cooking committee

Hello lovely People! We are the Cooking Committee of TODAY organization. Together we organize TODAYs signature event, the LOCAL FARMERS DINNER. We are responsible for all organizational aspects before and after the event and the chaos during ;). If you want to know more you can contact Lisa, Niklas, Arne, Jonas or Jojo per email:  events@today-organization.com. Of course we can always use help on the day of the event as well, for all the glorious jobs like potato peeling and more;) Let us know if you are interested!


Passionate About Sustainability

Jule Rief

A smile would perfectly define me and hopefully the environment around me. I try to act in accordance with my values, and that is what I want to teach people too during our workshops & events. That is also why I am focusing my career on Psychology and that is why I dreamed so much of making TODAY Organization a reality. Through it, we want to inspire people to help each other and open their eyes to the needs of their environment, including people and the planet.