Applying for the TODAY board

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Join the TODAY board? 

Applications close on the 30th of April! Become part of the part-time board of TODAY Organization and contribute to one of Groningen's sustainable student associations!


Are you interested in managing one of Groningen's sustainable student associations? Do you want to work part-time with a conscious and creative board working in management of TODAY activities? Do you want to develop yourself professionally and grow your network of like-minded people? Then the 2nd board of TODAY Organization might be the best fit!


As the deadline is fast approaching, contact us at for more information and any questions you may be having. Feel free to check out our 'board talks' on instagram at @today_organization if you have any thoughts on what the roles would be like, and what may be perfect for you!


Notice: If you wish to extend the deadline of the application to have some more time to think about it. Just let us know and we can see what we do!

Applying for the TODAY board


  • Organizing and leading board meetings and activities

  • Carries the final responsibility

  • Organizing the cooperation and communication within the board

  • Writing the general policy of the association

  • Motivates the board & the members

  • supervising a committee!


  • Plans the budget for each committee

  • Coordinates the finances of the entire association

  • Responsible for the Triodos bank account, PayPal

  • Operator of pin machine

  • supervising a committee

Secretary & External Relations

  • Minutes for board meetings

  • Managing email & other contacts

  • General administration of Google drive

  • Newsletter

  • External Communication with partners

  • supervising a committee

Commissioner of Internal Relations

  • Membership administration

  • Responsible for the committee’s communication and coordination

  • Social cohesion of the board and student association

  • Leaders meeting

  • Events committee

Commissioner of Public Relations

  • Responsible for all coordination of PR within the association

  • Creates various banners and posters for events

  • Coordinates other PR people in committee and final say on their posters and banners

  • Final say on any visual and textual content for TODAY’s website, and social media’s

  • Website and social media accounts management

  • supervising a committee


Deadline: 30/04/2021

Send us your CV and motivation letter at

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask us!