Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much

Helen Keller

A little bit about us

TODAY Organization was created by two Psychology students, Alisa Todd and Jule Rief, from the University of Groningen. Initially, their main intention was to promote prosocial behaviour and to explore ways of maintaining good mental health. This gradually manifested itself into the practice of encouraging others to live a more sustainable life; something that serves both the community and the individual. 

The organization uses various means to promote an eco-friendly lifestyle, such as workshops, lectures, and events! The goal is to share our passion for living in a manner that is more mindful of our planet; imparting tips and skills that can aid this. 

We hope to make such a lifestyle accessible for anyone who is interested. Small actions can make a big difference, and we can all make them!


Alisa Todorov



Lisa Wagner



Bibi Khan


Internal Relations

Paul Schamp


External Relations

Jule Rief





Hi there! We are an important committee in TODAY Organization responsible for nourishing our organizations digital platforms and online presence. Be sure to stay tuned to our instagram and other channels for sustainable tips and tricks, our events, global sustainability updates and much more!

For collaboration requests and other questions you can reach us by heading to the end of this page!


We are the events committee here in Groningen and are responsible for creating events in Groningen for our members and non-members as well! Although our local farmers dinner is very important, we make up a big portion of TODAY Organization's presence here in Groningen and strive to deliver new content and events to this young and vibrant city.


Feel free to let us know if you have an idea for an event that you would like us to organize by contacting us!


We are the social committee of TODAY Organization, and are happy to help make TODAY Organization more whole and friendly. We are the newest committee and our job is to bring together our members through various means. We want to make events that bring us together, like having some drinks together, fieldtrips and way more so that we build a community that will last! 

If you have cool ideas and want to help us out and get to know people then please send us an email via the contact form!


Hello lovely People! We are the Cooking Committee and together we are the brains and brawn of the Local Farmer's Dinner! We are responsible for every little thing from the brainstorming to the actual cooking at the event. We love to cook and enjoy the moments together to create a truly spectacular one-of-a-kind event in Groningen!

Learn more by signing up to our newsletter or sending us an email via our contact form!



"What drives me is my passion for people. To me, caring for our planet is just another consequence of being empathetic and empathy comes in many forms. I want to help people find that empathetic connection by giving them an environment in which they can learn and get inspired to reach their goals. I strongly believe in the power of community and how choosing the right people to be around will help you in becoming who you want to be."


"A smile would perfectly define me and hopefully the environment around me. I try to act in accordance with my values, and that is what I want to teach people too during our workshops & events. That is also why I am focusing my career on Psychology and that is why I dreamed so much of making TODAY Organization a reality. Through it, we want to inspire people to help each other and open their eyes to the needs of their environment, including people and the planet."

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