Board of 2021 - 2022

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Katharina Kulle

Hello, I am Katharina Kulle and I am the Chair of the TODAY Board. My responsibilities include having the final say for decisions taken by the board, managing the internal and external relations of the organizations, and leading the board and policy of TODAY.

By joining the TODAY organization, I realised how rewarding it is to engage in different projects with other people and to share ideas with like-minded people.
I especially like having a positive impact on the environment by engaging in sustainable activities.

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Vivian Kroon

Hey there! My name is Vivian Kroon and I am the Commissioner of Internal Relations for TODAY, which means that I manage all the committee chairs and ensure that collaborations within committees runs smoothly. In addition to that I also manage the finances of the TODAY Organization, as well as supervise the events committee! 

I joined TODAY because I wanted to learn more about sustainability and how to lead a more environmentally-friendly lifestyle. There I found a very open and warm community who got me excited to learn about sustainability and continue to improve my everyday habits.

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Merel Hoogendoorn

Hi everyone, my name is Merel and I am the Secretary and Commissioner of External Relations of TODAY. I will be running the general administration of TODAY, maintaining the external relations of the organization and keeping you up to date about everything going on with TODAY through the monthly newsletter.

I joined TODAY because I want to part of a community with like-minded people who want to contribute to creating a more environmentally just society. I believe TODAY is place where we can share ideas and learn from one another on how to live more sustainably. Therefore, I am looking forward to create fun sustainable-oriented projects and activities and meet you all there!

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Gina Baten

Hi! I’m Gina Baten and I am the Commissioner of Public Relations for TODAY organization. I am responsible for maintaining and updating the TODAY website. I create banners, flyers and posters for our events. It’s also my responsibility to make sure the world knows who TODAY is and what we do. 


I decided to join TODAY because I wanted to integrate sustainability into more aspects of my life. In TODAY I found a space where I can share my passion for saving the planet and where I can connect with like-minded people. Through TODAY so many positive changes are possible and I love being a part of that!

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