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Below you can find all our committee's their personality and what they do!

Events Committee is responsible for the production of events for TODAY. Separate from the Local Farmer's Dinner, Events is instrumental to our presence in Groningen. Previous events have included plant swaps, webinars on intersectional environmentalism and DIY workshops. 

Join Events and help manifest your vision for spectacular events! Become a member and choose a committee or read more on how to get involved.

Content Committee controls the management of our social media accounts, especially the production of content for our instagram account. We create, manage, and harmonize our instagram page with various topics. We are responsible for 'humans of Groningen' and also have a product review that you can check out to see what sustainable alternative products are the best for you! Check it out and if you have a question, send us a message on instagram or sign up and become a member.

The Cooking Committee is the brains and brawn behind the Local Farmer's Dinner, everything from the brainstorming to the executing of the event itself is part of our job. We have done real cool things, as well as a Dutch government funded project to bring urban and rural communities together. If you enjoy cooking, teamwork and creating a magical event that brings everyone together for a good local vegan meal, sign up and become a member. Although some cooking skills are encouraged, everyone is welcome to join!

The Gardening Committee seeks to 'greenify' Groningen! We want a greener, more vibrant Groningen and hope to do this through a diverse set of means. Currently we own a garden plot in Groningen, and will be working to make it a place to grow food, plants and enjoy being more in nature and with the Earth. We also have a plant god-parenting project to help bring more house-plants into students rooms. If you'd like to volunteer for the garden plot, or learn more about plant god-parenting, please head to the projects page

Social Committee is responsible for the funs and laughs of TODAY. Carrying the big but fun responsibility of bringing TODAY members together, they organize various activities like field-trips, movie nights and drinks! Sadly because of the Corona-virus situation, Social is inactive until further notice. But even though it was a challenging period, Social has still been able to create some cool stuff like our Groningen clean up event!

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