Our Story

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Click the picture below to know more about our Board and Committees!

Beginning in 2018, TODAY has grown into an association of various projects and initiatives that are run, and managed by our membership.


We organize various lectures, workshops and other events to help people live in a manner that is more mindful of the planet. Our activities deal with various topics like fast-fashion, environmentalism, holistic living, gardening and cuisine.

How can you help TODAY?

1. Financial Assistance

       TODAY has various initiatives that you can contribute to. A financial contribution would be used for the following things

  • Paying for our garden plot here in Groningen run by the Gardening Committee (see more information in our projects page)

  • Funding Local Farmer's Dinners

  • Paying for member's hoodies!

        If you would like to donate financially: please click here 

2. Donate kitchen utensils

       We believe that there is enough to go around and that purchasing additional supplies for our Local Farmer's Dinner is not environmentally conscious of us. If you have any kitchen equipment, utensils and supplies, please contact us at Contact@today-organization.com.

3. Donate Plants!

       Every TODAY member loves house-plants! And our gardening committee wants to have as many as possible for their plant god-parenting project! Any plants or plant pots as well are very valuable and please contact us at Contact@today-organization.com if you would like to give your plant a new home! You will also receive a discount at our next Local Farmer's Dinner!