There are many ways that you can join & help TODAY Organization!

You can apply for one of our many committees to actively engage and inspire our organization or you can become a general member to take part in activities without strings attached. If you see a specific initiative or project that you want to support, you can also contact us about that anytime!

If you wish to become a partner of TODAY Organization, please contact us with further information and we will be enthusiastic to build more bridges!

And lastly, you can also donate to our organization! We are always very grateful for financial or materialistic support. Scroll down to find the link. 



Interested in becoming a member of TODAY Organization? For a yearly price of 15 euros? Why not?

For such a small price, you will receive

  • open-access and support in sustainable lifestyle building from our resources.

  • Discounted prices for TODAY Organization sourced events

  • A member sticker! (use this at our partners for our exclusive benefits)

  • A series of benefits that you can read so much more about

  • Our monthly newsletter

  • Member exclusive trips and events

  • Monthly social events hosted by the social committee

  • Membership contract (and if you join a committee, you will also receive a certificate validating the work you have done for us.)



Cooking Committee: Responsibilities include all aspects of the Local Farmer's Dinner (Planning, preparation, execution and reflection). If you are interested in cooking and helping out at this specific event, then this is the right committee for you.​


Social Committee: Responsible for the social aspects of the organization, for brining its members together in creative and social atmospheres. This can include drinks, organizing trips and other events for members to get to know each-other. Fostering stronger relationships between members of TODAY Organization is the primary goal.​


Events Committee: Responsible for planning, organizing and executing other events of TODAY Organization. These events are up to the committee but can include (but are not limited to) lectures, workshops, clothes swaps and more.​


Content Creation Committee: Responsibilities include managing and directing our social media platforms to bring creative, original and of course environmentally sustainable content to our fans, members and users. This includes working on the instagram page, facebook page and blog-writing.​


Billboard Committee: This committee is responsible for content creation in different ways, such as management of the website, and the creation of videos and other visuals for promotional aspects. This committee will help TODAY Organization shine in Groningen and online!​


Gardening Committee: This committee will be responsible for our "Plant God-parenting Project" as well as organizing events and projects around outdoor and indoor plants. (Our future goal would be to build a community garden somewhere in Groningen). 




Do you support our vision and values and wish to contribute financially or materially? Please help us and follow the directions below on how you can contribute to TODAY Organization. Here are your options...


1. Donate money

We have so many ideas that we would like to achieve, and we could get there much faster with some financial support! You can make a one-time donation or continuous donations as you prefer. There are no fixed amounts and we will appreciate any and all donations. We will not only be very grateful, but make strong use of any donations to our causes.

Wondering what your money would be spent on? Below we have a list of some specific projects that TODAY Organization is currently under-way with. If you are interested and would like to know more, please contact us for further information.


  • Help us build our own sustainable community garden for students in the city

  • Support our "Plant God-parenting Project"! Don't know what that is? Check it out on our website and Instagram


  • Were you lucky enough to experience one of our Local Farmers Dinners? Help us to provide even better food and community with enhancing our resources


  • We are working on getting organic cotton sweaters for our members! Do you want to help us get them environmentally dressed?

Click here to financially support us ->


2. Donate utensils

There are other ways you can help out! We always need a variety of utensils for our dinners, projects and workshops! Any cooking supplies would be gratefully needed for our Local Farmer's Dinners. Below you can find a list of current needs from TODAY Organization!

Please email to get more information and arrange a time and date for your drop off.


  • Plant Pots of all sizes

  • Kitchen utensils

  • Plants!!!

  • Leftovers

 (Note: Leftovers are only needed when the Local Farmers Dinner is coming closer; when applicable we will upload a list of necessary ingredients. 




To raise more awareness for locally grown food as an alternative to imported foods, sign up and enjoy a great meal with others. We source all our food from around Groningen, and it is entirely vegan.


Fashion? Food? Cosmetics? we are thinking of new and creative ways to help you make changes in your lifestyle that are more environmentally conscious! Keep a look out on our social media platforms, blog posts, and events to see how we can help you make a difference.


At TODAY Organization, we LOVE plants! And so we would love to start a small exchange program of plants throughout Groningen's cafe's, restaurants and other spaces in Groningen. If you are interested in learning more, sign up to our newsletter or contact us below.


Looking to inspire and collaborate with other change-makers from clothes to food? Contact us at Contact@ to learn more about this project and your interests!



We can't wait to hear from you

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