"What I love most about being an active member of TODAY is the atmosphere among its members. The TODAY organisation is a community of open-minded, creative and caring people. They make me feel comfortable to express my ideas and views! I am happy that the organisation unites students that care about the environment and gives us the opportunity to engage in sustainable projects."

— Franziska Rebekka Birth (Content Committee)


How does TODAY compliment my studies?

Pursuing university studies is an achievement of its own, but more than ever we realize that university can lack practical work that is highly valued outside of Academia. TODAY can be that addition to your study, to help develop better organizational, social, management and working skills that will help in the future.

What does it cost to be a member?

There is a yearly contribution of €15 for membership

How much do I have to contribute in committee's

Our Committee's are our pride and joy, and run at the pace set by the group. We do believe that a strong commitment and reliability are always important, we also know that students are busy bee's and we encourage our member's to understand what pace is best for them.

How sustainable do I have to be to join?

Of course we encourage our members to challenge the status quo and appropriate more environmentally conscious habits, but everyone is welcome to join as long as they hold the values of TODAY.

Why should I become a member if events are open to non-members?

By becoming a member you have the opportunity to join so much more like our drinks, intro week and other benefits

What are the committee's?

The Committee's are the life-blood of TODAY. They work on various projects around Groningen! Interested in a project? Sign up!


What do our members receive?

For such a small price, you will receive

  • Choosing a committee of interest

  • Discounted prices for TODAY Organization sourced events

  • A member sticker! (use this at our partners for our exclusive benefits)

  • A series of benefits that you can read so much more about

  • Our monthly newsletter

  • Member exclusive trips and events

  • Monthly social events hosted by the social committee

  • Membership contract (and if you join a committee, you will also receive a certificate validating the work you have done for us.)