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Plant God-Parenting!

This project began with our used decorations at the Local Farmer's Dinners that were given to participants and restaraunts during the month and then collected and redistributed after every dinner. Participants would share these plants, their stories and connect while doing so! 

As restaurants stay closed because of the Corona-virus, and people are ordered to social distance and stay at home, the Gardening Committee proposed bringing these plants to be-green your homes! But these plants aren't just to be-green homes, but to engage with people and tell stories, learn how to take care of a living organism and grow yourself!


We want to engage with those who love plants as much as us, or who are new and interested, and have an easy way to experience a variety of plants.


What is the plan?

The plan is to deliver plants to everyone who signs up and switch them on a regular basis (1-2 months). To participate, people need to sign up online and make a small donation of 3€, which can be paid flexibly in a manner of ways. 

- Additionally we will have a plant catalogue so participants can already check out which plants are available and can even make wishes.

- The plants will also come with a passport that's going to explain how to take care of it and

gives participants the opportunity to share little messages and tell the story of the plants journey‘ from house to house.

Click the link below and be re-directed to a simple google sign up sheet, after completion, you will then receive an email with further information!

Interested in being a plant god-parent?