Second-Hand Clothes in Groningen

Moving from a small town to something much bigger in scale... which isn't saying much for the Netherlands brought a lot of changes to my life! And one thing that really got me looking forward to moving to Groningen was bigger access to second-hand clothes. Back when I was living with my parents, I either had to take a two-hour train ride to Hamburg's thrift stores or I would have to take the risk to engage in second-hand-shopping online if I wanted to avoid supporting the fast fashion industry that we are accustomed to.

Here in Groningen, second-hand shopping is A LOT easier. And to show you how... I decided to go to all the 11 second-hand shops that I could find in Groningen and created a great overview of them!

Below, I listed pictures, my impression, and the addresses of the shops. All you have to do now is take your shopping bag and pay the shops a visit yourself!

(The order is random and not a ranking.)

1. Mamamini

If you know me then you also know that Mamamini is definitely one of my favourite shops in Groningen. Mamamini is a charity shop you can find in three different locations in the city of Groningen. Apart from furniture, books, DVDs, crockery, and all sorts of other useful things your household might have been lacking so far, each shop also has some racks with second-hand clothes. There is an additional Mamamini shop that exclusively sells clothes. You do have to be prepared to do spend some time digging through the pieces but if you do it properly, I promise you you'll find some hidden gems.


Where to find Mamamini:

1) Noorderbinnensingel 100, Groningen

2) Damsterdiep 307, Groningen

3) Helper Oostsingel 32, 9722 AP Groningen (also the Mamamini clothing boutique)

2. Reshare Store

At the Reshare Store in Oosterstraat, you can find second-hand clothes for very affordable prices, starting already at around 5 Euros. This shop offers fashion for women, men, and also children. At the Reshare Store, there are jackets, shirts, dresses, trousers, and shoes in all sizes and colours waiting for you. So if you still need to get equipped for the Dutch winter, you should make sure to have a look at the Reshare Store's assortment and find yourself some warm jumpers and jackets! This is also a great place to donate your own clothes (clean and nicely organized please!)


Where to find the Reshare Store: Oosterstraat 41, 9711 NR Groningen

3. Stardust

Stardust actually already explained their concept best themselves on the overview above! They sell vintage clothes, remake second-hand clothes like the funky denim jacket you can see here, but they also sell completely new pieces of "slow fashion". Regarding the new clothes, Stardust aims to support sustainable local brands.

The shop is beautifully and naturally decorated and you will find a variety of clothing brands but also other sustainable products. They all have an information sheet next to them so that you actually know what you are buying and supporting with your purchase! Be prepared to pay higher prices, but the quality and taste are worth the money!

Price: €€€

Where to find Stardust: Carolieweg 13, 9711 LP Groningen

4. Onder de Linde

If you are looking for beautiful clothes that send you back into the past, you should go and visit “Onder de Linde”. Situated in Steentilstraat, the small shop offers you a variety of clothes mainly from the 40ies and 70ies. Next to the offer on women's clothes, there is also a corner where men can browse. I was told, however, that it is not that easy to find men’s clothes from that time that are still in good condition as men rather tend(ed) to wear clothes till they are worn out. Just go and have a look for yourself!

Price: €€

Where to find Onder de Linde: Steentilstraat 15, 9711 GJ Groningen

5. Kroy

Kroy might be best described as a little treasure chamber.

The saleroom is quite the opposite of spacious but full to the top with vintage clothes. If you take your time to look through the clothes racks in the shop and on the sidewalk of Oude Kijk in Het Jatstraat you will find treasures on a range from Zara to Lacoste.

Price: €€

Where to find Kroy: Oude Kijk in Het Jatstraat 35, 9712 EB Groningen

6. Recessie

Recessie is probably one of the most popular and most visited second-hand shops in Groningen, having its location in the busy Oude Kijk in Het Jatstraat that all the students take to get to the University building.

This shop offers vintage clothes such as leather jackets, army clothes, hats, scarves, sunglasses, sports tricots, wool jumpers, and colourful shirts. You will even find wedding dresses here and traditional blouses for Oktoberfest dirndls.

Price: €€

Where to find Recessie: Oude Kijk in Het Jatstraat 54, 9712 EL Groningen

7. 2nd Closet

When visiting 2nd fashion for my blog post, I had a really nice chat with one of the friendly shop assistants. She told me that 2nd fashion does not sell fast fashion brands such as H&M and Zara but instead focusses rather on more exclusive and chic brands. Unlike most second-hand shops, 2nd closet also offers some children's clothes and even a small room entirely filled with men's clothes.

If you also have some clothes that you would like to find a new owner for, then you are welcome to bring them to 2nd closet (you will get 40% of the sale's price)!

Price: €€€

Where to find 2nd closet: Gedempte Zuiderdiep 93, 9711 HD Groningen

8. Viva Vintage

Viva Vintage is located in this beautiful building in Steenstilstraat. What first caught my eye when entering the shop were all the different colours I was surrounded by: All the clothes in Viva Vintage are organised by their colours. If you have a look at the Viva Vintage and browse through their garments you will find true vintage pieces for women, men as well as unisex ones!

Price: €€

Where to find Viva Vintage: Steentilstraat 25, 9711 GK Groningen

9. Find

"Find" is this pretty and rather new shop in Damsterdiep. It opened its doors two years ago to offer exclusive and chic pieces from various brands. One of the shop owners told me the focus of the clothes' style lays on "High End Fasion". She explained me that you can also bring your clothes to her shop where they will be on display for 8 weeks. If the pieces will get sold within that time, you will get notified and receive 40% of the sale's price. Otherwise, you will have the choice to either take it back home or to donate it to the shop or to charity.

Price: €€€

Where to find Find :) : Damsterdiep 42, 9711 SM Groningen

10. Vintage Island

As the sign indicates: At Vintage Island", you can find some GOOD OLD FASHION. After my visit to the shop last week, this shop actually became one of my favorites. Their salesroom is absolutely aesthetic. The gramophone and jukebox as decoration and the wooden shelves make you feel like you traveled back in time.

What you can find in those shelves are knitted jumpers, lumberjack shirts, scarves, leather gloves, an abundance of cowboy boots and so much more!

Price: €€

Where to find Vintage Island: Oosterstraat 12, 9711 NT Groningen

11. Appel en Ei

The light wooden floor and changing rooms at Appel en Ei create a cozy and welcoming atmosphere when entering the shop. Appel en Ei offers a wide range of different modern pieces, also including items from popular brands. As the name suggests, the prices start at an affordable level. On the right of the shop, some stairs lead to a second floor where you will find even more clothes and some armchairs to take a little break from your second-hand shopping trip.

Price: €€

Where to find Appel en Ei: Oosterstraat 25, 9711 NN Groningen

I had a blast journeying through the traverse of thrifted clothes in the city and with the help of this guide you can too! Take care and happy thrifting. ;)

*Reposted from old website*

Written by Franziska Rebekka Birth

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