Sustainability is for Everyone!

Once a month the sustainable organization TODAY organizes a Local Farmer’s dinner which is cooked from local ingredients provided by, you guessed it, a local farmer.

Alisa and Jule, the two lovely founders of the TODAY organization, want to cover as many different parts of a sustainable lifestyle as possible. Until now, the organization offered various sustainable events, including a plant swap and a DIY cosmetics workshop.

Food obviously plays a big role in everyone’s life but then, when it comes to sustainability: What is sustainable eating? “Is it more about vegan or eating local?” the two girls asked themselves. The answer was a combination of both. “ When we create the menu we first look at which vegetables and fruits are in season as well as available in our local area.”

At one dinner, I also talked to Lisa who is one of TODAY’s volunteers. She likes to volunteer and when Alisa told her about the organization, she wanted to be part of it. “Sustainability is a topic for everyone,'' she says. Lisa describes the organization as “TODAY is not ‘in your face’.”.

Instead of only thinking about problems, Today offers solutions for everyone to live a more sustainable life. At first she started with herself to find out how she can live more sustainable. Meeting like-minded people through the organization sounded attractive to her, “We, as a collective, can make a difference”.

Every dinner is different. Throughout the event the organizers encourage everyone to switch to a different table in order to talk to more people. I’ve always had entertaining conversations with the people I shared the table with, including the farmer himself who came to the second edition in October.

Alisa smiles and says “We feel like we created a cozy atmosphere and nurtured new connections, this is what we want to achieve”. The next edition will take place on the 31st of January. Will I see you there?

*Originally posted Sep 1, 2020 but reposted on the new website*

Written by Franziska Rebekka Birth

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