THAT'S A WRAP! A board year almost completed and why I would fully recommend it!

Written by Paul Schamp, Commissioner of Public Relations TODAY organization 2019/20

Around a year ago, I joined TODAY Organization! I heard about it before seeing their events and even attending some of them but I hadn’t had the chance to actually explore what TODAY was and if I would like it. Then as time flew by, I saw they were accepting members again and looking for people in the social committee. I happily applied, and in my very first meeting they told me about how there were board positions open and available for applicants. I saw this as my moment, to pick up something big, something I could look back on and see the work I put into it, something tangible.

Although this year didn’t turn out like I expected, I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. TODAY became a big part of my life, my work and helped me understand myself better! Although a lot of things were unfulfilled this year, like the fact I have never once attended our famous local farmers dinner (thanks corona), I do think TODAY and I grew so much in so many ways.

Why did I join?

Before coming to Groningen, I actually studied in Zwolle in a program called Global Project & Change Management. It was hands-on, practical and it was about making change. Although I did end up changing studies, I still wanted to carry the lessons I had learned from there, I wanted to create something during my time in Groningen. University is great and all, but it is so theoretical, and it’s a time where you’re re lucky if you get a chance to make something tangible and say “I did that.” That’s why I wanted to join TODAY, to find something I could help create, mold and look back on and see strong evidence of my hard work and development.

What did it add to my experience in Groningen?

I think based on my work and experiences in TODAY, I learned a tremendous amount about myself and how I work with myself and others. The softer skills matter! It’s important to remember that these kinds of experiences, working so closely with others and having such commitments, are so vital and I think TODAY taught me that. It’s made my time here a lot better, and a lot more valued. To see the work that I put in, like designing the website, creating visuals and a whole other number of things makes me feel really proud to have made my mark in TODAY but also in Groningen.

I think professionally I improved in various ways. The ways I communicate with others, visual and graphic design, photography, website design, event management and so much more! The list goes on and on. Lastly, I enjoyed the social connections I made as well. As Corona continues, I think it is hard to meet new people and build powerful bonds, but the board really is a special place because you’re all in it together, working and enjoying each other’s time, and sharing in moments that are so unique and only yours to have.

A board year in corona?

It didn’t make it easy. There were challenges we faced about how we communicated, how we worked and how TODAY would run. But seeing all that we accomplished while being locked in our homes is crazy. We gained memberships, we opened up new committee’s and opportunities, we evolved with the times and sharpened our image and what we stand for. It presented challenges but we overcame it and made the most out of what we could do.

It’s been a pride and joy to be in the board, and I hope anyone interested will take that next step and experience even more great things to come for TODAY!

Interested in applying for the board? Applications are open till the end of April! Simply send us a motivation letter and cv to

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